Vision and Mission

Vision : The Shruti Foundation and the Shruti School of Music are dedicated to bridging the gap between diverse cultures through the power of Music. Building unity and striving to lead our community, nation and world to a deeper appreciation and involvement of traditional music from all Cultures around the World, Shruti specializes in Indian Classical Music and will build upon that to unite cultures through integrative public concerts where diverse audiences will gather to hear beloved artists perform the traditional music from their origins and integrate with other traditional musicians from other cultures in cross-cultural Music Concerts.  Through frequent public performances, progressive quality training, interactive workshops and educational outreach programs, the Shruti Foundation and the Shruti School Of Music aspires to preserve and promote the rich, cultural heritage of World Music, providing an available platform for global music artists to share their music traditions, explore and perform through integrative concerts and workshops that are easily accessible to the general public.


Misson :  Shruti School of Music is soon to be a well- recognized, Non-Profit Organization in the Tampa area whose purpose is to foster an ever-growing awareness, understanding and appreciation of World Cultural Music (specializing in Indian Classical Music) throughout the Tampa Bay Community, the state of Florida, our nation and our world. Shruti School of Music is devoted to the preservation, promotion and integration of World Cultural Music – with Indian Classical Music as it's specialty. With frequent public concerts and workshops offered, Shruti School of Music will also provide targeted musical instruction and inspiration by accomplished teachers and musicians for an ever-expanding array of cultural instruments, beginning with Indian Classical Instruments such as Tabla, Harmonium, Sitar, Bansuri Flute and Vocal. As Shruti grows, then steadily expanding to cultural music and instruments from Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Shruti Association of International Music values stewardship and aims (as the ackronym implies) to serve our community and world through progressive educational and performance Outreach Programs in various schools and institutions throughout our community, promoting Cultural Heritage, Unity & Global Peace with the Universal language of Music expressed through inter-cultural Fusion concerts, interactive workshops and far-reaching OutReach Programs. 


Inspiration : The inspiration behind the Shruti School of Music concept blossomed from the Shruti School of Music in Mumbai, a non-profit organization and family run school by Shankh and his sister and brother - (both highly respected musicians in the Indian Classical field of Music). Shankh has held a key role as a Founding Member and Director from its very inception. 

























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